Women's Studies Seminars

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- photocopies of papers from Margherita Rendel, University of London Institute of Education, on women's studies courses, and papers relating to women's studies seminars (1973-1975)

- photocopy of press cutting 'Primary sources on oppression' by Margherita Rendel from 'Times Educational Supplement' dated 29 Mar 1974 on the academic case for women's studies

- typescript of article 'Women, academic pressure-groups and anti-discrimination legislation in Britain and the USA' by Margherita Rendel

- photocopies of articles from 'The New Era' Jul / Aug 1974 titles of articles by Margherita Rendel 'What sort of relations between the sexes?' 'Equal opportunity for women in higher education in the United States, Britain and France'

- Contact newsletter of the National Association of Women Citizens, Nov-Dec 1976

- letter from Eileen Byrne concerning her sabbatical to write a book on women and education and photocopy of her observations on the Government's White Paper 'Equality for women' dated 4 Oct 1974

- details of courses run by Workers' Educational Association

- report of Women and the Law conference held on 11 Mar 1978

- leaflet 'Tavistock Women studies'

- leaflet of books by Croom Helm Limited 'Women's studies'

- list of those attending the Essex Women's Studies Conference on 3 Nov 1973