Access Information

This archive contains sensitive personal and confidential information which is likely to be restricted under data protection legislation and the terms of deposit. Please contact the Borthwick Institute via email or letter. Restricted records include CW/2/9/3/1, CW/2/15/1/2, CW/2/16/1/1, CW/2/16/1/2, CW/2/16/2/3, CW/2/16/3/3, CW/2/16/3/4, CW/2/16/4/1-CW/2/16/4/13 inclusive, CW/2/29/3/1-CW/2/29/3/6 inclusive, CW/2/52/1/2/1, CW/2/52/2/2/1, CW/2/66/5/1, CW/2/71/5/1, CW/2/88/1/1, CW/2/103/1/1, CW/2/107/1/1, and CW/2/107/1/2.

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

The archive includes digital records. Access to digital material may be restricted due to technical requirements, please contact the Borthwick Institute for more information. Affected records include CW/2/9/3/1, CW/2/28/2/1-CW/2/28/2/4 inclusive, and CW/2/29/3/1-CW/2/29/3/6 inclusive.

Additional Information