Committee reports and agenda: other committees

Scope and Content

Committee reports and agenda: other committees consists of:

  • Housing Committee and Housing Committee Development and Management Sub-Committee, (1952-1958 )
  • Education Committee (Further Education) Sub-committee and Schools Planning Sub-committee, (1957-1959 )
  • Full Council, Parks Committee and Roads Committee etc, (1949-1959 )

Administrative / Biographical History

Although Percy Johnson-Marshall was most involved with the Town Planning Committee, there were a number of other London County Council Committees which he consulted the papers of. The Housing Committee formulated the housing policies of London County Council and directed the work of officials in its Housing Department. It had many sub-committees, including the Development and Management Sub-Committee, which dealt with providing new Council housing. This might be designed by the Architect's Department or by private sector architect's, with work carried out either by London County Council direct labour organisation or contracted out to construction firms. There were also London County Council committees for Parks, Roads and Education, which itself had sub-committees for Schools, School Planning, and Further Education.

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List of sources for the administrative history:

Jordan, Robert Furneaux, New standards in official architecture, Architectural Review vol 120, no 718 pp 303-324(November 1965 )

Johnson-Marshall, Percy, Rebuilding cities, (Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press , 1966 )

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