Shiant Isles

Scope and Content

Notebook comprises entries relating to Scottish geology. The title of the notebook and initial entries relate to observations on the Shiant Isles. Comprising a map of Scotland, with the sheet areas of the Survey indicated (page 1); notes made on publications by John Wesley Judd (1878;1885)]; notes taken from Archibald Geikie’s book “Ancient Volcanoes” (page 3); notes taken from Heddle’s “Mineralogy of Scotland”; notes on Soay after the Survey geologist Charles Clough (page 5); notes on the geology of ‘Gairloch’ and area (page 6); details of specimens collected July 11th 1922, and labeled M357-M361 (page 10); details of places visited and specimens collected, labeled M362-M381, and M401-M414; written itinerary for expedition running from July 11th to 31st July 1922; listing of ports called at by the S.Y. Killarney which left from Liverpool on June 27th 1929 (page 12); account of travel by the S.Y. Killarney from June 26th 1931 returning to Liverpool on Wednesday July 8th 1931 (page 20); details of the "Lewisian Complex" (p.34); section and details of visit to Scourie Dykes, including details of specimens which were prefixed "G", September 1936 (pages 48-54); details of trip to Fort William, June 1937; a small sketch which names Scottish mountains (on the inside back cover); a list of accommodation places on the Isle of Islay are listed (inside back page); and an itinerary and the stopping places of the S.Y. Killarney for 1936.

Administrative / Biographical History

1922 Excursions: On July 14th 1922, Harker was at Loch Torridon and collected M362 – M368. In July 15th 1922 he was at Gairloch and collected M369 – M381. On July 18th 1922 he collected samples from Lochinver. He collected three specimens on the 19th July 1922 and travelled to the Shaint Islands on the 20th of July 1922. Specimens collected from the Shiants were numbered M401 [Harker Collection 14565] to M414.

1929-1934 Excursions: The S.Y. Killarney left Liverpool on June 27th 1929 and returned to Liverpool on Wednesday July 8th 1931. The following year the same voyage took place, leaving on July 1st 1932 and returning on Wednesday 13th July. Harker sailed this route again in 1934 between Friday June 22nd and July the 5th. The steam yacht entered port at Brodick in Arran on Tuesday 3rd July 1934.

1936: Harker sailed on the S. Y. Killarney in June 1936. It left Liverpool on Friday June the 19th at 6:00pm and then called at Ardrossan (20th), Tayvallich (20th), Inverary (21st), Tobermory (21st), Loch Duick (22nd), Gairloch (23rd), Inverewe (24th), Ullapool (25th), Uig (26th), Dunvegan (27th), Fort William 28th), Oban (29th), Brodick (30th)and back to Liverpool on the 2nd of July at 11am.

Harker also visited the Scourie Dykes in September 1936. The specimens he collected were prefixed ‘G’.

1937-1938: Harker visited Fort William in June 1937. Specimen numbers for this trip were prefixed with a triangle. Some of these have later additions of a 5 digit number [relating to the Harker Collection of rock slices].

On 30th July 1937 Harker left Liverpool on the S.Y. Killarney returning on the 12th of August 1937. His last sailing on this route was in 1938 when he left Liverpool on Friday August 26th and returned on September 8th.