C.B.R.F. Project Group 1981-1983. Full-time workers.

Scope and Content

Material labelled as above. Contents include:

  • Correspondence re. Full-Time Workers. (John Boyes, Gerald West and others).
  • Booklet about Shurdington Chapel, Cheltenham to be handed out at the Swanwick Conference. Includes details of the plans for the Chapel.
  • Copy letter dated 12 February 1982 from John Boyes to Gerald West, discussing the production of an information sheet updating Consultation members and a report and recommendations to be produced by Gerald West.
  • Copy of 3 pages of handwritten notes entitled 'Local Church Full-Time Workers'.
  • CBRF Autumn Seminar leaflet - 23 October 1982 - handwritten list of names and addresses on the reverse.
  • Blank questionnaire 'Study of Fulltime Resident Church Workers in the Christian Brethren.'
  • Small bundle of material from Ron George of the Gairdner Trust Ministries - an organisation that works with Muslims in Central Asia. Includes booklets etc.
  • Letter dated 16 September 1982 from John Storey to Gerald West concerning 'CBRF: FULL TIME WORKERS IN BRETHREN ASSEMBLIES'.
  • Letter dated 14 July 1982 from G.E.M. Simmons of The Pocket Testament League to George (sic) West concerning Brethren Consultations and the issue of full-time workers.
  • Compliments slip from John Boyes to Gerald West dated 3 July 1982 with a copy letter of the same date attached. The letter is from John Boyes to Roy Coad concerning Brethren Assemblies and Full Time Workers.
  • Copy of The Harvester, July 1982 Volume LXI no. 7 - contains an article about full time workers written by Brian Mills.
  • CBRF - Details of New Projects Development - proposals for new CBRF sponsored activities for discussion at a meeting on 4 December 1981.
  • Copy document - 'Pastoral Elder - Financial Position'.
  • 2 copy letters. Letter dated 11th May 1982 from Roger Pearce to Gerald West (copied to John Boyes and Harold Rowdon) re. Full Time Workers; second letter dated 13 May 1982 from John Boyes to Roger Pearce (copied to Gerald West) is in response to first letter.
  • Copy document - 'Full-time Worker, Kingsway Chapel'.
  • Document 'Swanwick Conference of Brethren: Conveners'.