Scope and Content

Material labelled 'Correspondence 1986-'89'. Correspondents include John Boyes, Gerald West, Harold Rowdon and Neil Summerton. Topics covered include:

  • CBRF Succession.
  • Briefing Notes on Workshop Leading for 3 May 1986.
  • Partnership's Programme of work and objectives.
  • Account balance CBRF publications account with Paternoster Press at 27.11.87.
  • Leaflet and programme for Partnership Autumn Seminar 22 October 1988.
  • Envelope addressed to Dr J Boyes. Contents include correspondence dated Jan-Feb 1988 with UKET (United Kingdom Evangelization Trust (Inc.) and Gerald West concerning the distribution of surplus funds and a Report 'The Chapels Society' by Sam McKinstry with documents relating to the proposal of a Chapel Society with a covering note from John Boyes.
  • Correspondence dated between March and December 1983 between John Boyes and various correspondents concerning Swanwick/CBRF activities.
  • Newspaper article 'Not Strangers but Pilgrims. An inter church process on the nature and purpose of the church in the light of its mission'. Includes an open covering letter dated 25 January 1989 addressed to Members of the Inter-Church Meeting from Canon Christopher Drummond.
  • Draft letter dated 28 March 1989 about 'The Next Steps for Churches Together in Pilgrimage' by Gerald West. Includes a letter dated 6 April 1989 from Harold Rowdon to Gerald West about the draft.