CBRF Joint Working Party

Scope and Content

Folder entitled CBRF. Joint Working Party - Follow up to the 1981 Consultation. Swanwick and C.B.R.F. Contents include:

  • Envelope addressed to Gerald West containing two draft copies (both annotated) of The Final Report of the Joint Working Party to the Sponsoring Bodies. Also includes a letter dated 23 January 1985 from Clifford [Wadey] with comments about the report. The second copy has handwritten notes by Geoffrey Robson dated 25 January 1985 written on it. There is a note written on the envelope by GW 'This Final Report was never forwarded to the Joint Sponsoring (?) Bodies. GTW. 29/12/87'.
  • Bundle of correspondence and documents relating to the Joint Working Party.
  • Bundle of documents relating to the Joint Working Party, including notes, reports and draft copy of the final report (annotated and dated February 1985) which includes a summary of relevant actions taken since the July 81 Consultation.
  • Annotated agenda for the Joint Working Party meeting on 10 September 1982.
  • Copy memo from Gerald West to the members of the Joint Working Party.
  • Letter from Clifford Wadey to Gerald West dated 2 August 1982.
  • Letter from John Boyes to Gerald West dated 9 July 1982.
  • Copy open letter from Alan Bamford and John Boyes regarding Brethren Consultations dated June 1982.
  • Letter dated 8 June 1982 from Clifford Wadey to Gerald West.
  • Report entitled 'Brethren Consultations'. Contains notes of a meeting of the Interim Working Party held on 8 May 1982.
  • List entitled "Names of people who were sent a copy of the letter 'Brethren Consultations'".
  • Copy of the Christian Brethren Research Fellowship Seminars programme for 1982.
  • Paper prepared by Dr. H.H. Rowdon entitled 'Some ideas for the implementing of ideas put forward at the July 1981 Consultation'.
  • Report dated 23 April 1982 by Gerald West regarding the progress to date of the Joint Working Party.
  • Letter dated 12 February 1982 from John Boyes to Gerald West.
  • Letter dated 12 January 1982 from Clifford [Wadey] to Gerald West. Attached is a draft note concerning the Consultation Continuing Committee.
  • Bundle of material which includes an agenda and supporting documents for the Special Meeting of the Council Trustees and Associates, Friday 4 December 1981. Includes documents entitled 'Christian Brethren Consultation, 9-11 July 1981, Mechanisms for follow-up. Suggestions by the Consultation Planning Group', signed N. W. Summerton 14 September 1981 and 'Christian Brethren Consultation, 9-11 July 1981, Summary of specific suggestions for future action'. Signed N.W.S. 3 August 1981.