Notes, translations and writings on Chinese Hsien [仙]

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Notes and writings by Walter Perceval Yetts on Chang Tao-ling [Zhang Daoling /: 張道陵]; Fan [范蠡]; Ho Hsien-Ku [He Hsiengu /何仙姑]; Hsi Wang Mu [Xiwangmu / 西王母]; K'un-lun Shan [or Kunlun Shan] mountain; Liu An [劉安]; Lao Tzu [Laozi 老子]; and Yin-hsi [Yinxi /尹喜]. Likely used in the preparation of the proposed unpublished work, 'The Fairy-Lore of China' on Taoist mythology by Walter Perceval Yetts and Lionel Giles. Folder includes 1 page proposal for 'The Fairy-Lore of China'.


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