Press cuttings book

Scope and Content

Leaders, 2 March 1920-23 Jul 1921. Includes letter attached to first page in response to the leader of 3 March 1920 on the mountaineer, Hermann Woolley. Book reviews, Apr 1920-May 1921, including various long reviews of books about the war. Rose Elton noted that the descriptive passage in the review of Major General Sir F. Maurice's The End of the War formed raw material for Disenchantment (1922).Dramatic reviews, Aug 1920-Jun 1921, including a report on Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson's lecture on Shakespeare at the Theatre Royal in Manchester, 18 Feb 1921.Article: `The Fifth Army Controversy', attributed to `a correspondent' with special experience of the war, 10 Sep 1920.Obituary note on Arthur Sidgwick of Oxford University by `a correspondent', 28 Sep 1920.Series of signed articles on the war, containing material later used in Disenchantment:

  • `Battlefields seen from the train', 3 Apr 1920.
  • `A Foch legend', 24 Jul 1920.
  • `Etiquette in war', 10 Sep 1920.
  • `The passport nuisance', 17 Sep 1920.
  • `The great illusion', 2 Oct 1920.
  • `How disillusion began', 8 Oct 1920.
  • `Agincourt and Ypres', 15 Jan 1921.
  • `The business man-at-arms', 27 Jan 1921.
  • `Hotspur and the brass hat', 29 Jan 1921.
  • `The wisdom of the lowly', 12 Feb 1921.
  • `'Ware pipers in Thessaly', 26 Mar 1921.
  • `The autumn of the war', 21 May 1921.
  • `A change of fashion', 4 Jun 1921.
  • `The Sceptic's progress', n.d.
  • `Diluting an army', 23 Jul 1925 [possibly a mistake or 1921].

Article written for the Observer, entitled `The Manchester Guardian', by `One of It', referring to the forthcoming centenary of the Guardian, 1 May 1921.

Loose material (2 pieces): an article entitled `The unpopularity of progress' published in The New Statesman, 8 Jan 1921, written in response to the Guardian leader of 31 Dec 1920, on `The future of the body'.