Notes, manuscripts and typescripts.

Scope and Content

This is a composite series containing background material, notes, manuscripts and typescripts of much of CEM's literary work.

A number of the manuscripts, particularly CEM/2/1/1, /3 and /5, include articles by CEM originally printed in the Guardian, which have been pasted in, amended and expanded by hand to form the final published version of the work, thus reflecting the close links between CEM's journalistic and literary work.

All the manuscripts and corrections made to typescripts are in the hand of CEM.


It was decided not to divide the material into 3 separate series according to physical characteristics because the original papers had been sorted into bundles, each of which contained background material, notes, manuscripts, or typescripts relating to a particular literary work, possibly reflecting CEM's own arrangement of his papers. The material has therefore been divided into sub-series, each of which contains all the papers relating to a particular literary work, and has been listed under the title of the work to facilitate searching.

Few of the notes, manuscripts and typescripts are dated, and the chronological arrangement by date of publication as adopted by Mrs Elton has largley been retained. Material for which the date is hard to determine, such as unpublished fragments, are listed at the end.