Associates of Newnham College

Scope and Content

1. Typed draft letter to the President of the Associates of Newnham College, undated, corrections by Joan Strachey

2. Printed report by Blanche Clough, President of the Associates, Nov 1912

3. Charter and Statutes of Newnham College, c.1940

4. Printed history of the Associates of Newnham College

5. Newnham College: Regulations concerning payment, appointment and tenure of office of paid officers of Newnham College, Sep1947

6. Printed copies of Ordinances Relating to Associates (Jul 1924, Oct 1931, Oct 1939)

7. Manuscript notes on the history of the Associates of Newnham College (in Joan Strachey's hand)

8. Printed List of Persons Eligible as Associates of Newnham College

9. Cyclostyled list of former Associates of Newnham College, c.1940s

10. Letter to Joan Strachey from Myra Curtis, Principal of Newnham College, dated 5 Jun 1950

11. Manuscript draft of a letter from Joan Strachey to the Principal, reporting on the Annual Meeting of the Associates on 3 Jul 1948

12. Two letters from Myra Curtis to Joan Strachey, dated 2 and 30 Dec 1949, enclosing the original of a letter to the President of the Associates (Joan Strachey), which is being sent out to all Associates, on the subject of changes to their constitution made by the Governing Body

13. Manuscript draft of a letter to the Principal from the Associates, dated 22 Jun 1950, reporting from the Annual Meeting of Associates on 17 Jun.1950

14. Manuscript note: the Associates wish to record their deep regret at the death of Dr Margery Stephenson

15. Manuscript minutes of an Associates' Meeting (part)

16. Two pages of notes relating to Governing Body and constitutional changes

17. Cyclostyled list of Associates of Newnham College, dated 1942. Lists the principal jobs of each

18. Typescript biographical notes on Rosamond Evelyn Mary Harding

19. Typescript proposing the establishment of a third college at Cambridge for women students, dated 29 May 1951 and 13 Oct 1951. Signatories include Ann C Horton, DM Needham, Anna M Bidder, MB Burkill