Conversation with John Rae, Anne Rae, Jane Rae, and Norman Rae

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Arthur McIvor in conversation with kin of Singer striker Jane Rae, among them Jane Rae's brother John and her niece of the same name. Recorded either 13 May 1988 or 3 November 1988.
- sound recording (1h 33m 57s), no transcript
Jane Rae (1872-1959) worked in the needle-making department of the Singer sowing machine works and was one of those who objected to American scientific management methods introduced at the factory. She was one of the 400-1000 (accounts vary) who were sacked for participating in the industrial action. Around the time of he strike, Rae became an ILP activist.

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McIvor, A (2006) 'Jane Rae', in 'Biographical dictionary of Scottish women': 295-296

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Date of recording: McIvor 2006 gives 3 November 1988, inscription on tape reportedly is 13 May 1988. Check tape and check back with McIvor/akm January 2017

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