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Garvin Papers. Legal, literary, and miscellaneous material; 1931-1952, n.d.

1. Typed copy of the last will of Ronald Frederick Harmer; 1948.

2. Birth certificate of Viola Gerard Garvin (copy); 1952.

3. Miscellaneous writings by Humbert Wolfe; 1931, n.d.

4. Review of Paul Chaponnière, Voltaire Chez Les Calvinistes (Geneva, 1932); n.d.

5. Correspondence and press cuttings relating to an edition of the novels of Charles Dickens by 'The Nonesuch Press Ltd.'; 1937, n.d.

6. Miscellaneous poems by Viola Gerard Garvin and others; 1939, n.d.

7. Notes and press cuttings relating to Germany and Finland; 1942, n.d.

8. Copy of The Remarkable Story of the Shakespearian Quartos of 1619 (London: Hodgson & Co., 1946). Includes letter to Viola Gerard Garvin from J. E. Hodgson.

9. Typed copy of rough notes of a sitting with Miss Nina Francis (Madame de Vertier) at the British College of Psychic Science, 23rd March 1938; n.d.

10. Miscellaneous papers; n.d.

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