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Ref: HO 144/1193/220196 (1-233) Disturbances: Suffragettes' demonstration. Imprisonment. Forcible Feeding

Petition to the Home Secretary by LGA, dated 13 Mar 1912

"I ask for permission (1) to obtain 2 professional books:

Cheatle's Diseases of Children

Clifford Albutt System of Medicine, Gynaecology (by Eden)

And also (2) for leave to see Dr Flora Murray on business as she is replacing me professionally during my absence."

Note on file dated 16 Mar 1912: "The request as to the books has been allowed under the Standing Orders. The Commissioners have already refused a request from Dr Flora Murray to see Miss Anderson as the prisoner is not entitled, and will not be entitled, under the Rules to a visit during her sentence. (All these prisoners must have known that they wd be arrested and had every opportunity of arranging their professional or business affairs beforehand.) If the Secretary of State agrees that this visit should be refused, the answer might be sent from the Home Office."

Letter to the Prison Commissioners from Alan Anderson, Priors Hill, Aldeburgh, 1 Apr 1912:


My sister, Miss LG Anderson MD, is I understand to be released from Holloway on Tuesday 9 Apr: her immediate family circle oppose her 'militant' methods of argument and desire to exercise their influence on my sister immediately after her release when she may be open to suggestion from those about her. If it were decided to free her before instead of immediately after the Easter holiday she would have a few days of quiet with her mother in the country before she could resume her work and as the halo of martyrdom faded she would be helped to regain her mental balance. If she is released immediately after Easter she will be (without any interval of quiet) the emotional centre of an excited circle and the object of much hero worship. We do not wish to labour the point but the holiday presents a chance of applying the right influence at a critical time - hence the suggestion.

I remain Gentleman, Yours faithfully,

Alan G Anderson."

Notes on file:

2 Apr 1912: "Miss Garrett Anderson is due for release next Monday morning 8 Apr. I do not think she can be released before Good Friday but, if her mother and brother will meet her on Saturday afternoon, and carry her away from her suffragette friends, I think this might perhaps be allowed."

Note below by the Home Secretary:

"On the whole I think she might be let out on Thursday." RMcK, 2 Apr 1912