Louisa Garrett Anderson to Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

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11 October 1914

Hôpital Auxiliaire 137, Hôtel Claridge, Paris

Dearest Mother

Another welcome offer of escort to our letters has come. This will go over tomorrow by hand and shd reach you on Tuesday morning.

We have been here nearly a month now. It seems a long time although each week goes faster than the last - and every day is v. full and v. interesting.

We are all very well. I feel tremendously rested by our time here. It is so nice and so easy to have only one job on hand and the running of this ?? is most interesting.

Sunday is always rather an exhausting day and today we have had more visitors than usual. A Dr Baron sent out by Kitchener to inspect the auxiliary hospitals made a distinctly important and satisfactory visit. Then we had 2 countesses, Lady Robert Cecil and the Daily News Paris Representative, an RAMC man from the Clearing Hospital at Versailles, the Representative of the French Minister of the Colonies, several French officers and a host of other people. Owing to all this sociability, I missed seeing a German airship pursued by 2 French ones which flew over Paris which was v. disappointing.

Dr Murray has been out all day motoring round Chantilly and Senlis and seeing all kinds of v. interesting things but failing to bring back any wounded men which was the primary object of her tour. As the fighting line recedes, it becomes increasingly difficult to get patients into Paris - and the obstacles offered by officials are extraordinary.

Still we have 70 patients here and some v. good cases and they seem v. contented so that is alright.

I long for news of you all and just send you a very great deal of love

Yrs always


Stamps v.welcome. Ahem.