Louisa Garrett Anderson to Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

Scope and Content

2 October 1914. Written from Hôpital Auxiliaire, Hôtel Claridge, Paris. Transcript:


Another messenger is returning to England and is taking our letters. The ordinary post seems very slow still so that it is a great help to have letters personally conducted.

On Tuesday Aunt Joey [Josephine Helen Garrett, EGA's sister] appeared here. She had taken a lot of trouble to find me and I think it was clever of her to do so. I was very glad to see her and to take her round the wards. She brought cigarettes and chocolate for the men and she was a most cheering visitor and made a visit to every bed like a Princess. You will be seeing her soon so that I need not give you any of her news.

We are having a very busy day - 5 operations already and after dinner another trephining. The ambulance has been bringing us in relays of Frenchmen today. Some so ill: all so gentle and sensitive and shocked as our men are, physically and mentally.

There has been a domestic upheaval in this hotel today. The manager found that things had been going badly downstairs and wholesale dismissals followed. On the whole we are very comfortable - and the food is quite good enough - and our bedrooms v. nice indeed. This is a stupid little note written in great haste. And now comes the summons to dinner, so I must go.

Very much love



I hope our school opening went well today.