'The tale of Serguni': text and notes. A black spring-back file, 29 x 33 cm

Scope and Content


1) The tale of Serguni. The Rejang text is in Roman transliteration, with inter-linear, word-by-word and literary translations in English.


Serguni duai besebeui-2

Serguni two with grandmother

Serguni lived alone with his grandmother


Sisi pekeran perpuan Serguni. Sudo o selseui.

Formerly thought wife Serguni. After that finished.

Returning to his country, he was Raja as before, thought

Serguni's wife. This is the end.

This is a tale of the Orphan Boy type, who makes good and becomes king. (See Rejang 72). 52ff., typescript, Rejang and English.

Appended to the text is a series of notes, 18ff., typescript and manuscript, containing the following:

2) Man Aher: Serguni: content analysis and mode of narration. 3ff., typescript and manuscript.

3) M.A. Jaspan: The content analysis of a Redjang tale. 4ff., manuscript, in pencil; followed by some odd notes.

4) The raconteur's diction, ff.1-4; the dramatic structure, ff.5-7. 7ff., typescript.

5) Stylistics in narration and expression, 2ff., typescript.

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