'Si burung pingai' (= The white bird); and 'Syair perahu' (= The boat poem): fragments. Romanized transliteration from the rencong script of texts in South Sumatran Malay, 10ff., typescript (= L.Or.8447/116, part), by Mrs. Voorhoeve, April 1980.

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The original texts are inscribed on 11 bamboo strips, 28-30 cm long (= Coburg 91A). The manuscript is described, with transliterations of the texts, in VOHD 28, pt.2, 1985, no.64, pp.47-52. The present texts vary from those of the poems of these names of Hamzah Pansuri (see J. Doorenbos, 'De geschriften van Hamzah Pansoeri', Leiden, 1933). For transliterations from other manuscripts of Syair perahu, see DJA/2/76 (Leiden, Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde), DJA/2/148 (London, India Office Library) and DJA/2/149 (London, School of Oriental and African Studies).

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