File containing Rejang texts and miscellaneous notes typed on quarto paper. 7 texts, of which nos. 1, 3, 4 and 7 are also listed in Rejang texts and anthropology notes

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Consolidated list, Index Z:

1) Asal turunan orang Rejang dan Lebong (= Rejang 003), 3ff.

2) The Old Malay inscription of Telaga Batu (South Sumatra), from J.G. de Casparis: Prasasti Indonesia, vol.1, Bandung, 1950. 2ff., typescript.

3) Asal turunan orang Rejang dan Lebong. A longer version of no.1 (= Rejang 003), 17ff., typescript, Indonesian.

4) Asal moela djadi dari Pagar Oejoeng: copy of a manuscript by Medali made in about 1921 in the Lais Kewedanaan. Copied at the request of M.A. Jaspan, June 1962. 3ff., typescript, Malay (= DJA/6/2/2 = Rejang 006)

5) M.A. Jaspan: Fieldwork schedule for July 1962, and work schedule for October 1962. 2ff., typescript.

6) Notes from the Proceedings of the Agricultural Society established in Sumatra, 1820 (= DJA/7/1/1/4). 2ff., typescript.

7) Undang kejai menurut adat. 1f., typescript (= Rejang 115).

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