Paper and notes on Sumatra, including languages, scripts and texts, mostly copied in 1965

Scope and Content

1) 'Palembang': Een kijkje in de Palembangsche bovenland. (De Gids, Amsterdam, 1884). Photocopy.

2) Tom Harrisson (Government Ethnologist, Sarawak), and Mervyn Jaspan: Borneo and Sumatra writing compared. 12ff., typescript + 2ff., illustrations of alphabets. Draft of a paper, intended for publication in 'Man', 1965 (= DJA(2)/9/4/3).

3) Archeologia Oxoniensis: Phoenician characters in Sumatra.

4) A Rejang village survey. Short notes, 1965 ?

5) 'Orang limbang tuai padi' = People linger reaping paddy. Perhaps = gleaning, i.e. with the ani-ani or small knife held against the thumb to cut one ear at a time. From the Rejang region, 1965 ?

6) Ka-ga-nga texts, i.e. texts in the r ncong script. 7 photographs.

7) Benjamin Heyne, Madras medical officer. Two letters. Photocopies, extracted from: 'Tracts, historical and statistical on India, with journals of several tours through various parts of the Peninsula' (i.e. of India); also account of Sumatra (London, 1814). See also DJA(2)/6/2, page 3.

8) Captain Owen, R.N.: Lampung vocabulary: in three columns, (1) Lampung in the Lampung script; (2) Lampung in the Roman script; (3) English equivalents. 1812. 12ff., photocopy, of SOAS MS.11979. See M.C. Ricklefs and P. Voorhoeve, 'Indonesian Manuscripts in Great Britain', 1977, p.95.

9) H.N. van der Tuuk, 1824-1894: A short account of the Batta manuscripts belonging to the Library of the East India Company, 1848. Describes India Office Library, London, Batak manuscripts nos.1-6 (IOL MSS.Eur. B.105). See S.C. Sutton, 'A Guide to the India Office Library' (1967), p.47 and Ricklefs and Voorhoeve, 'Indonesian Manuscripts in Great Britain' (1977), pp.12-14. Updated information is included in DJA(2)/10/3/10.

10) P. Voorhoeve, 'List of Indonesian manuscripts in the India Office Library, 1952'. Includes descriptions of Batak, Javanese and Malay manuscripts (IOL MSS Eur. D 519). 11ff., cyclostyled. See S.C. Sutton, A 'Guide to the India Office Library' (1967), pp.47-9.

11) South-East Asian scripts. Notes in an envelope.

12) William Marsden, 1754-1836: Memoirs of a Malayan family, written by themselves and translated from the original by W. Marsden (London, 1830). Photocopy.

13) Sumatra and Borneo. Objects from Sumatra and Borneo with inscriptions. 10 photographic prints. 8 x 10 cm, together with a roll of 35 mm negatives. Compare DJA(2)/9/4 of 1965.

14) Texts in the rencong script. 3 plates from M.A. Jaspan, 'Folk Literature of South Sumatra' (Canberra, 1964). Compare P 33 and DJA/2/2.

15) Notes on various manuscripts in Indonesian languages in the University of Leiden Library and other libraries.

16) Notes on a Malay manuscript in the University of Leiden Library. Ms. L.Or.8651.i = Mal.2982. (Rinkes Collection, 1954)

17) Notes on manuscripts in Ka-ga-nga = rencong script of South Sumatra.

18) Manuscripts in Ka-ga-nga = rencong script on bamboo from South Sumatra. 3 negative photographs.

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