Notification to Roger, archbishop of York, by Roger de Asco, founder of the priory, of his gift to the priory (St. Andrew).

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1 carucate in Marrig with assarts in woods, and woods within the following boundaries : from Alinpol in Suala by Threllesgata to Wechnesberg, and thence the breadth of Wechenesb' to where the tofts of the church join those of the town, and thence the breadth of the wood by the heads of the crofts of the town to the stream flowing in the road coming from Bacestaingrave, and thence by the stream to Suala: Free of tithes of his mill, and multure of their corn. Witn. Roger, archbishop of York, Robert Butevilain, John son of Letold, Laurence and Robert deans with their chapters, Warner son of Wimar, Roger de Kateric. Endorsed 4 and 329. (EYC V/173).

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