Gift: Sir John de Bella Aqua, with the assent of his wife Laterana, to Thomas the clerk of Snayt (Snaith).

Scope and Content

A piece of pasture and land in Carleton (pasture of Adam the clerk of Carleton E. and water of Eyr (R. Aire) W. and S.) as enclosed on all sides by its ditches, and called Snaythiswro. With a road 40ft. wide to the lane leading to Cotes near the ditched pasture which Peter son of Henry and his fellows ('sociis sui') hold in that place: Rendering 1d at Christmas. For which Thomas has given to the donor 6ac. pasture near the new ditch in Carleton, which he bought from Richard de Hauburn in an exchange.

Witn. Sir Thomas de Meteham, Robert de Berlay, Richard de Roceholm, John de Rednes, Master Reginald de Snayt, Richard de Hauburn, Henry de Nova Terra, Richard the clerk. Seal, damaged, armorial, fretty a canton, '... JOHANIS. DE. BELL...'

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