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To Revd. J Lewis in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, extending an invitation for Miss. Adie, to visit Haydon Hall-he wishes her to see it before the winter sets in. Details of the coach service to London and Pinner are given. Clarke will also arrange for his son Theo to show her around London.

He corrects Lewis with regard to Clarke's supposed statement in May, about the Shetlands. Lewis is confusing him with Mr. Stephenson one of the Shetlands preachers. Clarke is very disturbed about the situation in the islands-the Walls (and Sandness) circuit is in a very poor state, and he feels that he is spending his time to no avail. In travelling to the islands, he has spent £200 of his own and his wife's money-"she does not know the whole that goes there". He would not mind if the preachers were prepared to work, but they are not.

He hopes that the reports of Mr. T's strange behaviour are exaggerated, and he feels that Mr. Tabraham's speech was very foolish, although he does appear to be working hard.

Clarke discusses in detail the progress of chapel-building on the islands, and the constant requests for financial assistance- £35 from Mr. Stephenson for the chapel at Sand, and £300 from Mr. Tabraham-Clarke has told the latter that he may as well expect Clarke to pay off the national debt by Christmas.

The previous Tuesday he had given Miss. Dinah Bell in marriage to the President.