Scope and Content

From Haydon Hall, Middlesex, to Thomas Joseph Pettigrew in London, thanking him for an unspecified favour, and for the approval by the Duke of Sussex of an unspecified request-almost certainly a reference to the appointment by the Duke of Revd. Joseph Clarke (Adam's son) as his chaplain.

Clarke has recalled Joseph from his Anglican Curacy, so that he may attend upon the Duke in person.

With regard to the translation of the 0llah manuscripts, Clarke offers the assistance of the Missionaries Calloway, and Newstead, who have recently returned from Ceylon. He describes their extensive knowledge of the Tamil, Indo-Portugese, and Sinhalese languages, and their publication on their press in Ceylon of grammars, and bibles etc translated into the vernacular. Reference is also made to the similar accomplishments of their colleagues Clough and Squance. Clarke suggests that the Duke might like to obtain copies of their work for his library.

He has sent the Ms French sonnets to the Duke at Kensington.