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From Liverpool, to Revd. George Marsden in Burslem, Staffordshire, regretting that he has been unable to find anything for the young man, recommended by Marsden, and complaining "have you forgotten that this town was almost overrun by French priests".

Clarke's head wound has almost healed after the attack made upon him by "two papists", although his eyes are still giving him trouble.

He urges Marsden to continue his study of Greek, Hebrew, and Latin, and to pray every day.

In a postscript, Clarke enquires if Marsden had written the letter, that was signed "A member of the Conference", and promises to give him a full account of the state of the Connexion, if Marsden attends the Manchester District Meeting.

He hopes to have his translation of the Greek text of the bible (?), completed in time for the Conference.