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From Haydon Hall, Middlesex, to Revd. Richard Tabraham in Lerwick, Shetland Islands, informing him that Clarke has forwarded the Shetland Chapel papers through Mr. Mason.

Mr. Hinson has taken offence at Clarke's criticism of the deal that he made with Mr. Bruce re the Shetland Chapels, and is refusing to answer Clarke's letters. Tabraham had better lay the matter before Lord. Symbister, and Mr. Bigton.

Clarke has written to the Conference re Mr. Longridge.

Reference is made to made to a grant of £35 to Tabraham, leaving 100 to be spent on chapels.

He is resigned to losing the Burra Voe Chapel, and urges that an alternative site be found.

Clarke takes very strong exception to the way that Tabraham has reacted to Clarke's criticism of his views on temperance. He discusses in detail why he believes Tabraham is wrong, and that the efforts of the Temperance societies are misplaced-"nothing will cure a drunkard but the grace and spirit of God".