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From Haydon Hall, near Pinner, Middlesex, to Revd. Richard Tabraham in Lerwick, in the Shetlands, thanking him for the extract from the District minutes. Clarke is not too discouraged by the fall in membership, since the previous year, but the preachers must if possible increase their efforts.

He has just returned from Ireland, where he has been very busy raising money for the missions, chapels, and schools. He has travelled about 3000 miles in less than a month.

Clarke has been hopeful of receiving financial help for the Shetland Mission from an unnamed person near Stafford, but nothing has come of it, and he has given up hope of receiving help from the preachers.

He has no intention of attending the Conference, as he does not wish to be accused of seeking a fourth Presidency. Clarke has doubts whether Mr. McKintosh has sufficient experience and confidence to lobby the Conference effectively on behalf of the Shetlands Mission.

Clarke discusses the progress of chapel-building on the islands. He is doubtful re the value of charging pew-rents, and thinks that the only effect will be to drive the poor away. The congregation in Lerwick must pay themselves for a gallery in the chapel. He demands to know why they have not got a general form for the settlement of chapels, and emphasises that every chapel must be regularly settled.

He has sent Thompson's papers away to the appropriate officials, and has heard nothing since.

He thinks that the Methodists gave in too easily to the persecution at Tingwall, and wishes to see them quickly re-established.