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From Haydon Hall, Middlesex, to Revd. John Lewis in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, re the need for four new preachers to take the place of Tabraham, Bolam, Thwaites and Mainwaring in the Shetlands. He describes the Thwaites case (see PLP/25/10/34, 36 and 38), and mentions that the maidservant seduced by Thwaites has miscarried. Tabraham is concerned that the work in the Shetlands will be ruined, if the story becomes public knowledge but Clarke thinks that he is exaggerating.

Longridge has taken the place of Thwaites, but only on a temporary basis, for while he is a good man, he is "without a soul". MacLean has volunteered to join the Walls circuit.

He thinks that the behaviour of the preachers in all leaving the islands at the same time is contemptible, and attributes their decision to fear of the cholera.