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From Haydon Hall, near Pinner, Middlesex, to Brother Tabraham in Lerwick, Shetland Islands, informing him of Clarke's acquisition of six travelling cloaks for the Shetlands preachers at a cost of £5 each. The wrappings around the cloaks can be used as shifts for the "poor lunatic".

A parcel has been sent by Clarke's maid Nilla Twatt for her brother and father on the islands.

He rejects Tabraham's request for ponies for use by the preachers on the grounds of expense.

Clarke emphasises that the anti-slavery petition should be signed only once by each person.

Robert Scott of Pensford, Somerset, has contributed sums of money to the Shetlands Mission totalling almost £2000, and Clarke wants Tabraham's opinion re a suitable expression of gratitude. He suggests that the Dunrossness Chapel be renamed Pensford Chapel, or Dyson Chapel after Mr. Dyson, who has given 50 toward its erection.

Scott believes that the preachers are predjudiced against the Shetland Mission, and that he does not trust any of them.