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From Bristol, to Revd. George Marsden in Bolton-Le-Moors, Lancashire, re Clarke's confinement to his room for three weeks with rheumatic fever.

He is very distressed at the state of the Connexion, especially since reading extracts from the President's speech given in Leeds, which he describes as a "tissue of insults to the leaders and the people". He refers to Jabez Bunting's earlier speech at the Manchester Conference, in favour of the Liverpool organ, in answer to which Clarke had drawn up a petition with Daniel Isaac protesting against the measure. The petition was not presented due to several of the signatories leaving the Connexion.

The missionaries in South Africa have written a pamphlet charging the Missionary Committee with acting like tyrants, and Clarke sees this as further evidence of division within the Church.

He is still hoping to return to the Shetlands.