Catrine Mill

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Catrine Mill was bought by Kirkman Finlay in 1801. Separate records were kept for the bleaching works and for the cotton works, but over time re-organisation led to a cotton works and a works trading department. For reasons of clarity, all records to do with Catrine are listed in this section, including financial records. The only exception is the works department which has a section to itself (UGD91/1/5/4). The managers of Catrine Cotton Works since 1801 were as follows: Archibald Buchanan 1801-1813; John Barclay 1813-1847; Robert Barclay, son of John Barclay 1847-1868; William Stevenson 1868-1873; James Morton 1873-1888; Hugh Morton, brother of James Morton 1888-1893; Andrew Faulds 1893-1895; H W Pollock 1895-1908; J B B Morton 1908-1928. The Managers of the Catrine Bleaching Works have been: James Barclay 1823-1869; Hugh Morton 1869-1893; J B B Morton 1893-1928. After the retirement of J B B Morton, James Taylor was in charge. He held the appointment of General Manager of the Cotton Works and he was assisted at Catrine by Fred. Grundy, Manager of the Cotton Works, and John Hogg, Manager of the Bleaching Works.

Related Material

For an obituary of A M Brown, please see UGD91/1/1/2/8 ff.176-7, and for history and presscuttings concerning Catrine, see the same volume, UGD91/1/1/2/8 ff. 321-2. As some of the records pertain to Catrine and Deanston, see also the following items, UGD91/1/5/3/1/3, UGD91/1/10/2/3/2, UGD91/1/5/3/7/1, UGD91/1/5/3/1/1, UGD91/1/5/3/7/4, UGD91/1/5/3/7/2, UGD91/1/5/3/3/4, UGD91/1/5/3/11/1, UGD91/1/5/3/8 and UGD91/1/5/4/3/1/1.