Deanston Mill

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James Smith was manager at Deanston from 1806 at the age of 18. He was a nephew of Kirkman Finlay and of James and Archibald Buchanan who were successive managers of Catrine Mill. James Smith patented self-acting mules and embarked on massive modernisation of Deanston Cotton Works between 1811 and 1833, building a new spinning mill, village and a new weir for the Fairburn Water wheel which was 36 ft. in diameter. He also built a new gas works and large weaving shed. James Clark went to Catrine in the 1840s and then to Deanston. Despite the modernisation of the mills, and massive investment, they were not profitable and were put on the market after the death of Kirkman Finlay in 1844. James Finlay & Co failed to find buyers for Deanston or Catrine and they were taken off the market.

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