Notes, Press cuttings and publications on Sheffield Labour History

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a) Photocopy. Extract from 'The Christian Socialist', Vol.8 No.91: article on Sheffield, December 1890

b) Photocopy. Extract from 'A Souvenir of the Visit of the National Union of the Conservative and Constitutional Association to Sheffield': political history of, and Conservative members for, Sheffield, 12 - 14 December 1892

c) Photocopy. extract from Programme from Sheffield School Empire Day, 20 - 22 June 1907

d) Photocopy. Extract from Transactions of the Hunter Archaeological Society, Vol. 7: 'Reform Politics at Sheffield 1791 - 1797', Allan W.L. Seaman, 1955

e) '40 years of Labour Rule in Sheffield', Vernon Thornes and Dr Albert Ballard, 1967

f) 'Sheffield Shop Stewards, 1916 - 1918' by Bill Moore. ('Our History', pamphlet 18. Re - print), no date

g) 'Samuel Holberry, 1814 - 1842' (published Holberry Society), 1978

h) 'Samuel Holberry and the Chartist Movement in Sheffield', by Bill Moore. First annual lecture of the Holberry Society, 21 June 1978

i) Bulletins 2 and 3 of the Holberry Society, February - November 1978

j) 'Visual History' No.5, 1979

k) 'Pictured History. Match girls strike of 1888', by Terry Smith, no date

l) Bulletin No.4 of the Holberry Society. Includes review of 'Freedom to Roam', by Howard Hill, 1 May 1980

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