Letter from Josiah Tucker to Thomas Cadell

Scope and Content

Autograph letter. Remains of wax seal. Once mounted? Date: Feby 23, 1782. Sender’s address: “Glocr.” From Tucker to “Mr Cadell Bookseller, The Strand”. With stamps “GLOU | CESTER” (black ink), and “FREE” (red? ink). Endorsed by Cadell? “Feby 23d, Dean of Gloucester.” Tucker is sending a corrected copy of his “Tract on coarse Wool” [ Reflections on the present low price of coarse wools, its immediate causes, and its probable remedies, ESTC T46569] in case it should go through another edition. Discusses a letter from Sir J. Yorke [Joseph Yorke, Baron Dover?, 1724-1792, diplomat in the Low Countries] who reports that Tucker’s Cui Bono is well translated and has been sent to Brussels to be printed there under the direction of Mr Fitzherbert [i.e. Alleyne Fitzherbert?, 1753-1839, minister resident in Brussels at this time]. Mentions asking the translator to insert a passage from Turgot’s letters, and asks that, should Cadell print another edition, it should be inserted in that too. States that “Abuse begins to thicken upon me” and hopes that this has increased sales of his works for Cadell. Hopes Cadell has forwarded his letter to Dr D[ouglas?] as he expected an answer. He will be setting out for a residency in Bristol in a week’s time and asks Cadell to reply to him before then.