Letter from Josiah Tucker to Thomas Cadell

Scope and Content

Autograph letter. Dated March 23, 1776. Sender’s address: “Bristol.” From Tucker to “Mr Cadell Bookseller, The Strand”. Tucker describes visiting Cadell’s shop to give condolences on the losses caused by a fire, but discovering from the ‘shopman’ that these were not great. Asks after the success of the latest printing of his “Address etc.” [i.e. the 3rd ed. of An humble address and earnest appeal to those respectable personages in Great Britain and Ireland, who ... are the ablest to judge ... whether a connection with, or a separation from the continental colonies of America, be most for the national advantage, ESTC T36740?] after discovering it had not been destroyed. Asks after the identity of the writer of Political empiricism[: a letter to the Rev. Mr. John Wesley, ESTC T26112], which he has heard attributed to the “tutor to Lord Shelburne’s [i.e William Petty, 2nd earl Shelburne?] son, whose name is Jeffries, - or something like it” [this still appears to be unattributed on ESTC]. Mentions his volume of sermons which will soon be in London [i.e. Seventeen sermons on some of the most important points on natural and revealed religion, ESTC T134765?] and that one of these “lays down a plan of Civil Government diametrically opposed to Dr Price’s [i.e. Richard Price, 1723-1791].” With postscript confirming his first subscription to a book [unidentified] by Capel Berrow [1715-1782] to be published by ‘Dodsley’ [i.e. James Dodsley, 1724-1797.]