Publications now held in The Women's Library Printed Collections

Scope and Content

These 'duplicate' publications were checked against The Women's Library Printed Collections before being removed from archive in 2007. In alphabetical order:

Abortion: Where We Stand, edited by Rose Knight and Antonia Gorton, National Abortion Campaign, London 1976

Anarcho-Feminism: from Siren and Black Rose. Two statements. Black Bear Pamphlet, c.1974

Battered Women: How to Use the Law by Tess Gill and Anna Coote Jan 1975

Booklist for Women's Liberation compiled by Leonora Lloyd, London Socialist Woman Group, 2nd edition Nov 1970.

Child Care for All, National Child care Campaign c.1986

The Choice Before Us. International Marxist Group, London 1972

The Demand for Independence Nov 1975 [Women's Liberation Campaign for Legal and Financial Independence Nov 1975

Down Tools! Colchester Women's Liberation c. 1972

Equal Pay and How to Get It, National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) London 1975

Equality for women National Council for Civil Liberties 1974

Feminism as Anarchism by Lynne Farrow, 1974, Black Bear

For a Woman's Right to Work: Fight the cuts. Garnett College students, London c. 1976

The Housewife and her Labour under Capitalism by Wally Seccombe. Red pamphlet No. 8, IMG Publications, London c. 1975

'Ignored by Some, Denied by Others: the social sex category in sociology' by Nicole Claude-Mathieu, Explorations in Feminism No. 2, Women's Research and Resources Centre Publications, London 1977

Lesbians Come Together, c.1969

A Model Bill to Prevent Discrimination on Grounds of Sex, National Council For Civil Liberties (NCCL) May 1974

Motherhood, Lesbianism and Child Custody by Francie Wyland, Wages Due Lesbians Toronto and Falling Wall Press, Toronto/ Bristol 1977

The Moon for Dinner: changing relations ... women in China by Sue O'Sullivan, Backdoor Pamphlets No. 1, London 1975

National Abortion Campaign Newsletter 1976

On the Political Economy of Women. Conference of Socialist Economists pamphlet no 2, 1976

Rape Crisis Centre first report 1977

Revolutionary Dynamics of Women's Liberation by Sabrina Roberts

Sex Roles and Female Oppression: a collection of articles / by Dana Densmore, Boston: New England Free Press, c1968

Thoughts on Feminism by Radical Feminists (miscellaneous), London 1972

Walking a Tightrope, Big Flame Women's pamphlet, Liverpool c. 1980 [TWL holds 2nd Edition]

A Woman's Right to Choose: action guide. Abortion Law Reform Association, London c. 1975

Women and Migraine compiled by Lucy Goodison, London c. 1975

Women Fighting for the Right to Work Against the Cuts for Equal Pay by Anna Paczuska, c1976

Women in Class Struggle, Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist), London c. 1973

Women: the Road to Equality and Socialism by Rosemary Small, Communist Party, 1972

Women at Work - a Lewisham Study, Lewisham Women and Employment Project, c1978

Women Workers in Britain: a handbook by Leonora Lloyd, Socialist Women Publications c. 1971

Women's Liberation and the New Politics by Sheila Rowbotham, pamphlet 4, c.1969

Women's Status II, a point of view from Communist Women, CP, London 1972

Working Women: a TUC discussion book for all trade unionists TUC 1983