Pamphlets held in the Rowbotham Archive

Scope and Content

In alphabetical order:

The Abortion Controversy: is there any end to it? Birth Control Campaign, London c.1975

Alternatives to Holloway, Radical Alternatives to Prison (Holloway Campaign Group), Christian Action Publications Ltd, London 1972

Anarchy 113 (on women and crime), 1970

Battered Women and the New Law by Anna Coote and Tess Gill with Jo Richardson, Inter-Action Imprint, NCCL, London 1977

Children's Community Centre: 123 Dartmouth Park Hill, N19. Two different editions, 1972 and 1973

The Committee of Civil Rights for Women and Children of broken families (undated).

Does anyone out there care? - Women's views on Tower Hamlets maternity services, TH National Childbirth Trust Group/ TH Health Campaign, London c. 1985

The Economic Basis of the Status of Women by Isabel Louguia, University of Warwick CP c.1974

The Family in the Firing Line by Jean Coussins and Anna Coote. NCCL/CPAG publication, Poverty Pamphlet 51

Hands off our Family Allowances - what we need is money. Women's Family Allowance Campaign, London c. 1970

Health Care for Women, Virago Handbook 3, 1978

Leeds Pregnancy Handbook, c.1970s.

Lesbian Left, a collection of papers Spring 1977 [not the same dates as a similar item in Printed Collections]

Making the EEC Work for Women, NALGO and European Network of Women, London c. 1987

The Moving Left Show, Marxism Today

The Myth of Motherhood by Lee Comer, Spokesman pamphlet no.21, c.1970

Network of women in further education (NOWIFE) 1988

NJAC National Joint Action Campaign for Women's Equal Rights by Barbara A Wilson, Surrey NJACWER c. 1969

Out of the pumpkin shell - running a Women's Liberation playgroup, Birmingham 1975

Parents Handbook of Breastfeeding and Plant Foods by F & F Howard, Margate 1975

The Politics of Homosexuality by Don Milligan, Pluto Press, London 1973

Single mothers survival notes, anon c. 1970

Theology and sexual politics (SCM pamphlet)

Towards an Educational Policy in Family Planning by David Barnard and John McEwan, Family Planning Association, Peckham, London c.1970

Towards equality: women and social security, Labour Party 1969

Unsupported Mothers Handbook, Highbury Claimants Union, London. Two editions, one c. 1966; 17pp [no page 14], the other 32 pp, reprinted by Hackney Press Group

'We won't pay' - Women's Struggle on Tower Hill, Big Flame Publications, Birmingham 1975

What's in a Name? by Jean Cousins, National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) 1978

Where There's Muck There's Money: a report on cleaning in London, by Jane Paul, GLC 1986

Why nurseries now? & Islington Working Women's Charter (bound together) All London Nursery Campaign c.1977 The Woman-Identified Woman by Radicalesbians price 2pence, 4pp, 1970 [This appears to be missing]

Women and Health Conference, Sheffield, Oct 1974

Women and Labour. Brighton Women's Liberation Group, Brighton after 1973

Women in Class Society, Communist Unity Association, Marxist Leninist c. 1973

Women in the East End c. 1976-1977

Women's Liberation and the Socialist Movement by Kathleen Evins, 15 Women, London c. 1970