Scope and Content

Invitations to speak/write articles/review books, as in other files. Letters from friends.

Among the documents in the file that are not letters: publicity material for the Pankhurst Appeal, c.1981, raising funds for the restoration of the Pankhurst home in Manchester; document from the Chancery Division of the High Court relating to the closure of 'Leveller'; letter from Max Stafford-Clark commenting on a play by Rowbotham; invitation to Rowbotham to speak at the MARHO (Mid-Atlantic Radical Historians Organization) Forum in Nov 1981, with an attached list of MARHO Forums between 1937 and 1980; International Women's Day Committee Newsletter for April 1981; invitation to join the Advisory Board of the Hall-Carpenter Archives; Five page letter from David Belkin to David Gordon criticising/discussing the Progressive Economic Program presented by Gordon and others at the URPE Summer Conference in 1982; Manuscript of 'Rosa Luxemburg, Women's Liberation and Marx's Philosophy of Revolution' by Raya Dunayevskaya, 1981; Further material relating to the Pankhurst Appeal, with an update of how the appeal is progressing; Proposal for the Television History Workshop, 1982, and list of those invited to advise; Poster for May Day events in Doncaster at which Rowbotham was a speaker; Invitation from Angela John to speak at a meeting of Llafur, the Society for the Study of Welsh Labour History, which gives a brief history of the society; 'Radical History Review' is 'in trouble' - plea for Rowbotham's help from MARHO; Details of a GLC-organised conference 27 Feb 1982, entitled 'The London Assembly'; More about the Save the Pankhurst House Appeal.