Night Cleaners: Transcripts

Scope and Content

A number of transcripts of tape recordings of meetings and interviews relating to the night cleaners' industrial action and the Cleaners Action Group. These were collected for the Berwick Street Film Collective (later Lusia Films) and donated by Marc Karlin to Sheila Rowbotham. The film 'Night Cleaners', which the artist Mary Kelly helped to make, appeared in 1975.

The transcripts are indexed at the front of the file: 1) Meeting at Longacre; 2) Companies House picket; 3) Meeting at May's house; 4) Sanctuary House*; 5) Bernadette Devlin*; 6) Companies House; 7) Women's Lib March*; 8) Downstream Waterloo meeting*; 9) Brian Nicholson meeting (described in the index as incomplete); 10) Whetton*; 11) Daisy Cross interview*; 12) Ferryman*; 13) Miss Clack*. [Note: those marked with an asterisk appear to be missing, though there is a long transcript of an interview with Jean Mormont, Ann Burnett and 'Phyllis' in two parts, and a further transcript of a short interview with Jean Mormont, neither numbered, but which are probably two of the missing items.]