Ellison, William H (1886-)

Scope and Content

W H Ellison: British passport, 1909 1; British Sports Club, Moscow, member's ticket, 1911-1912 2; letter from Sydney Hopper (Gopper) (1914) 3; photographs (including father & mother, Eli & Elizabeth, and family & friends), Blackpool & Moscow (including scenes in garden of Moscow home) 4-17; photographs playing football and with English & Kraskovo teams (some taken by S I Manukhin), 1912 , nd 18-28; English football team badge, [1911] 29; Kruzhok sporta Kraskovo medal, 1912 30; photographs of and with staff of V Ia Gopper (Hopper) foundry, Moscow, 1914, nd 31-40; photograph album containing 43 duplicate or similar photographs to 4-17 & 31-40 (also ice-skating race, monument to P P Dolgorukov (1777-1806)) 41; photograph, [Polton, 1959?] 42. Photographs: large group, [Blackpool, 1910s?] 43; unidentified man 44; Westinghouse Company machine-shop building 45. Postcard views of Moscow, [1910s] 46-50. Russian Imperial banknotes: 100 rouble (1910) 51-53; 500 rouble (1912) 54. Sheet of Russian 10-kopeck stamps 55. Don Creedy "Polton man recalls when he -- Intoduced soccer to Russians 50 years ago", "West Lancashire Evening Gazette", 5 September 1959 56q.

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