Charcot, correspondence with Frank Debenham

Scope and Content

  • MS 1580/1/1;D 8 October 1930 [Mentions Polar Year, visits to Stockholm and Copenhagen]
  • MS 1580/1/2;D 1 May 1932 [Regarding details of stations, operations and personnel for Polar Year]
  • MS 1580/1/3;D 29 October 1932 [Commenting on the death of Gino Watkins] typescript copy
  • MS 1580/1/4;D 5 May 1933 [Proposed details of Pourquoi-Pas? and Pollax itineraries, personnel]
  • MS 1580/1/5;D 28 September 1933 [Praising Brian Roberts, Colin Bertram and D. Lack]
  • MS 1580/1/6;D 22 October 1933 [Regarding Roberts, Bertram and Lack]
  • MS 1580/1/7;D 27 October 1933 [Regarding Polar Year mission and Pourquoi-Pas?
  • MS 1580/1/8;D 1 November 1933 [Thanking for details of Roberts, Bertram and Lack and for account of British Polar Year work]
  • MS 1580/1/9;D 3 December 1933 [Assuring Debenham of help to be given to John Rymill]
  • MS 1580/10;D 14 April 1934 [Requesting information on plankton nets described in Discovery reports]
  • MS 1580/1/11;D 22 April 1934 [Thanks for information]
  • MS 1580/1/12;D 15 May 1934 [Outlining plans for forthcoming season]
  • MS 1580/1/13;D 10 October 1934 [Plans to come to Cambridge in November]
  • Ms 1580/1/15;D 18 June 1935 [Letter to accompany photograph requested by Debenham]
  • MS 1580/1/16;D 10 October 1935 [Letter to accompany official report of Pourquoi-Pas? cruise]
  • MS 1580/1/17;D May 1936 [Introduction for Dr Maurice Parat]
  • MS 1580/1/18;D Receipt for donation to subscription for medal for Charcot, 9 November 1933

Administrative / Biographical History

Correspondence with Frank Debenham on polar exploration and personnel (Bertram, Roberts, Rymill and Lack). The letters include expeditions undertaken by Charcot on the Pourquoi Pas? and other vessels.



Related Material

Letters from Frank Debenham to Charcot.

  • MS 1580/2/1;D Letter 2 May 1933 [Character references for Roberts, Lack and Bertram] typescript, carbon copy
  • MS 1580/2/2;D Letter 20 September 1933 [Letter of thanks regarding Roberts, Lack and Bertram] typescript, carbon copy
  • MS 1580/2/3;D Letter 23 October 1933 [Requesting report of Pourquoi Pas? expedition for The Polar Record] typescript, carbon copy
  • MS 1580/2/4;D Letter 27 October 1933 [Information on Roberts, Lack and Bertram] typescript, carbon copy
  • MS 1580/2/5;D Letter 30 October 1933 [Letter of thanks for reports] typescript, carbon copy
  • MS 1580/2/6;D Letter to Tresorier du Comite, 7 November 1933 [Letter to accompany subscription to fund for J B Charcot's medal]
  • MS 1580/2/7;D Letter 30 November 1933 [Outlining John Rymill's plans and asking for Charcot's assistance for him] typescript, carbon copy
  • MS 1580/2/8;D Letter 20 April 1934 [Details of plankton nets] typescript, carbon copy

The Institute holds a large archival collection for Frank Debenham.

Additional Information

MS 1580/1/3;D Original letter sent to Pamela Watkins.