Scout Magazines and Booklets

Scope and Content

This folder contains the following magazines and booklets:

  • The Cub Book by The Chief Old Wolf (Lord Baden-Powell) (London: C Arthur Pearson, Ltd:1932). This is a shortened version of the Wolf Cub's Handbook. It includes details about proficiency badges, knots, semaphore, the union jack flag etc.;
  • Copy of The Scouter, magazine of the Boy Scouts Association (Number 1, Volume XXXIII, January 1939);
  • Pamphlet entitled The Boy Scouts Association Policy, Organisation and Rules (1938). (outside cover of the pamphlet only);
  • Pamphlet entitled When You're A Scout (1932);
  • Copy of Boy Scouts Weekly News Bulletin (number 449, 21 February 1939);
  • Booklet entitled The Call of Empire, produced by the Scout Migration Department which was formed by the Boy Scouts Association to help scouts and ex-scouts who might consider moving overseas to places in the Empire (mainly Australia and New Zealand are covered in this booklet). Gives details of the fares for a passage to Australia and New Zealand and details of who will be considered (e.g. age, height, weight, ages) and includes extracts from letters written by boys who are already in these countries;
  • The Boy Scouts Association 36th Annual Report (1945);
  • Copies of the magazine The Scout, the weekly official organ of the boy scouts (28 February 1946-20 February 1947); and
  • Copies of the newspaper The Daily Arrowe, the official organ of the World Jamboree (1929) issued by the Boy Scouts Association (August 3-August 8 1929, numbers 5-9).