Envelope marked Special Council meeting 1970 / draft charter and proposed amendments

Scope and Content

  • Envelope containing the following papers regarding the charter and statutes:
  • Letter to the Principal about the charter and statutes (October 1970);
  • Letters between the Principal and Alfred Edwin Morris regarding Morris' comments on changes to the charter and statutes (October 1970);
  • Notice and agenda for a Council meeting on 14th October 1970 to discuss the charter;
  • Memo from the Principal summarising comments made by the Privy Council about charter/statute changes (31st August 1970);
  • Letter from the Privy Council regarding the charter (19th August 1970);
  • Extracts from minutes of the Academic Board of the University of Wales regarding charter amendments in light of St David's College joining the University of Wales (30th April 1970);
  • Memo with further amendments to the charter/statutes proposed by the Privy Council (19th August 1970); and
  • A printed version of the supplemental charter and statutes, showing lots of amendments (June 1969).