Envelope marked Agenda for Council Meetings / Charters and Statutes

Scope and Content

Envelope containing the following papers, primarily concerning the Charter and Statutes:

  • Manuscript notes by Alfred Edwin Morris showing suggested changes to the charters and statutes;
  • Printed version of the charters and statutes;
  • Draft version of the supplemental charter and statutes;
  • Memo from the President and Secretary of the AUT commenting on the proposed revision of the charters and statues and enclosing a leaflet about University Government and Organisation;
  • Agenda for a meeting of the Council on 30th April 1969;
  • Verbal Report of the Chairman of the Finance and General Purposes Committee of the meeting of the Committee held on 29th April 1969;
  • Typed notes about the charters and statutes;
  • 2 memos and 2 papers commenting on the proposed changes to the charters and statutes including comments by Alfred Edwin Morris and the AUT; and
  • Comments from the Students Union on the draft supplemental charter and statutes.