Personal Documents

Scope and Content

This group contains:

  • Alfred Edwin Morris' passport;
  • Morris' Ration Book (1953-1954);
  • A Certificate showing Morris' ordination as Deacon (21st September 1924); 2 Certificates relating to the Licence given to Morris to perform the Office of Chaplain at St. David's College, Lampeter (dated 21 September 1924) and a Certificate showing Morris' ordination as Priest (20th September 1925). Each of these certificates is stamped with 3 stamps saying Diocese of St. David's Episcopal Visitation, and the stamps are for the years 1935, 1941 and 1944;
  • Morris' baptism certificate;
  • Testimonials about Morris (including confirmations of his qualifications (1922, 1924, 1929, 1931);
  • 2 Notarial Certificates marking the Accession and Enthronement of Morris as the Archbishop of Wales (dated 18th and 19th February 1958);
  • an Exercise book entitled 'Archbishop's Notanda and Memoranda'. Includes addresses and telephone numbers, along with letters received and written, notes on issues such as fees paid for occasional duties, and other miscellaneous inserted items (1958-1967);
  • 2 certificates (1 in Latin) dated 1922 concerning Morris' acceptance as a student at Oxford University; and
  • various exam papers (1920s-1930s).