Costume designs for The Wanderer

Scope and Content

12 costume designs by Graham Sutherland for his first and only work for the theatre. The designs are outlined in pencil or pen and painted with watercolour, and some with fabric swatches attached and notated with remarks about the characters' costumes. Sutherland was commissioned to design two backcloths (based on a painting, Mountain Road With Boulders, 1940) and the costumes for Frederick Ashton's ballet The Wanderer set to Schubert's music. The production premiered 27 Jan. 1941 by Sadler's Wells Ballet at New Theatre, London, with Robert Helpmann and Margot Fonteyn playing the lead roles, and Pamela May and Michael Somes playing 'the Lovers'. Note included from Matilda Etches saying 'Graham Sutherland's designs for Wanderer delivered with compliments' dated Feb 18 1941.

1 design of Fonteyn's costume with swatches of pink, red and orange coloured fabric from B. Burnet & Co attached. 1 design for Helpmann's character 'The Traveller' with notations and a 2 hats sketched. 1 design for Pamela May's 'lover' dress with one breast exposed, with various pink fabric swatches attached, and notes 'man - pink tights up to waist. Both yellow wigs'. 1 design of 'the Lovers' embracing standing naked under sheer pink fabric. 1 design for the '6 girls/women', notated 'double depressions inherited subtanglements(?) etc' with brown and green fabric swatches attached. 1 design for the '6 women', notated 'amended design for 6 women. Same undergarment - cloak dyed black & white.' Green fabric swatch attached from B.Burnet & Co. 1 cruder design for the '6 women', similar to the amended version. 1 design for the 'Two Children' - drawn in pen and painted in watercolour. 1 design of masked character, in green cloak and black gown. Notated 'Inherited Intanglements Inhibitions etc 3 Dancers women?' Black, grey and green fabric swatches attached from B.Burnet & Co. 1 design for 'Farron' in a long purple gown with long dark hair. Notated as 'Human Compassion'. Purple fabric swatch attached from B.Burnet & Co. 1 design for the 'Toughs' wearing shorts 'boxing look' and with 'Tattoo marks on chest & arms'. Designs of tattoos are shown (hearts, anchors, snake) and detail of the shorts 'shorts see Breughal'. Yellow and blue fabric swatches attached from B.Burnet & Co. 1 design of half male in pink and half female in blue - '3 right males, 3 right femls. Tights & Leotards'. Numerous names have been noted and crossed out and replaced with others.