Notebook on Tibetan Vocabulary and Partial Diary of Journey to Lhasa

Scope and Content

Notebook containing notes on Tibetan vocabulary. Also some Latin notes and notes on events and people in China; grammar notes; English lists of words. In the back of the book is a partial journal of his time in Tibet - mostly the beginning of the journey and includes an entry about meeting the Dalai Lama "This day I saluted the Grand Lama!! Beautiful Youth. Face poetically affecting. Could have wept. Very happy to have seen him & his blessed smile. hope often to see him again". Large, half-calf notebook, warped, handwritten in pencil and ink.

Inserted into the notebook:

  • Note to and from Thomas Beale concerning whether Beale was expecting the Hoopoo, handwritten, undated
  • Vocabulary list
  • 4 sheets of Chinese writing including two copies of a contract between Manning and Gao Hengxin for 1000 yuan, dated 20 January 1815
  • "Recipe for [Hang yummtoy] or Almond Syrup", Letter from Sian Seng.

Geographical Names