Other letters relating to Lilias Trotter's death

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1. Copy of a letter from Mabel Grautoff to Millicent Roche [Algiers, undated, but before her death], two obituaries and two notes following her death, one from 'M' in London, the other from 'H.M.P. [Procter] in Oban which mentions 'Auntie H' – presumably Helen Freeman];

2. Letter from Annie van Sommer, Weybridge, before she heard the news if Lilias Trotter's death;

3. R. Manwaring, Secretary of the Faith Mission, Edinburgh;

4. J. Kennedy MacLean, Editor of 'The Life of Faith', asking for an appreciation of Lilias Trotter's life and work;

5. Harvey Farmer, Secretary of the North Africa Mission;

6. Mme M L Duchène, who has read of Lilias Trotter's death;

7. quotation from Pulford;

8. Edith L. Briggs, Hastings, asking for copies of publications and information about Lilias Trotter

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