Offprints of some of Dr D K Bassett's articles

Scope and Content

Brown envelope, marked 'University of Singapore' includes:

A1) Malacca in 1737

A2) Dutch trade in Asia

A3) English trade in the Celebes, 1613-1667

A4) The Amboyna massacre of 1623

A5) The trade of the English East India Company in the Far East, 1623-1684

A7) The British country trader and sea captain in South-East Asia in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

A9) The surrender of Dutch Malacca, 1795

A11) A naval battle off Malacca. (September 1782)

A12) The Portuguese in Malaya

A14) European influence in South - East Asia, 1500-1630

A15) British commercial and strategic interest in the Malay Peninsula during the late eighteenth century

A16) British trade and policy in Indonesia, 1760-1772

A19) Anglo-Malay relations, 1786-1795

A21) Changes in the pattern of Malay politics, 1629-c.1655

A22) Great Britain in the Indian Ocean

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