Reviews and miscellaneous papers of Dr D K Bassett

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1) Review by DKB of: 'The voyages and adventures of Fernand Mendez Pinto' translated by H. Cogan. Reprint (London, 1969). Ts., 3 ff., photocopy

2) Review by DKB of: C.R. Boxer: 'Dutch merchants and mariners in Asia, 1602 - 1795'. (Variorum Reprints: London, 1988). Two drafts. Ts., 3 + 3 ff.

3) Anglo-Kedah relations, 1688-1765. Correspondence with Dato Mubin Sheppard, Editor, JMBRAS, Kuala Lumpur, Oct - Nov 1987 (See: A.31)

4) Miscellaneous papers

5) Review by DKB of: L.V. Helms: 'Pioneering in the Far East ...'. (Dawsons, London, 1969). Offprint. 'Journal of Southeast Asian Studies', Vol. 1, No. 2 (1970), p. 145

6) Review by DKB of: J. Bastin (ed.): 'The Emergence of Modern Southeast Asia, 1511-1957'. Offprint. 'Modern Asian Studies', pp. 84-86

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